The Irish Diaspora Loan Fund

Investing in Ireland & supporting the creation of Irish jobs.

There are many people around the world who have a keen interest in supporting Ireland. Many would happily invest in Ireland, if a low-risk investment structure was available. Separately, well managed Irish hotels experience challenges accessing lower cost loan finance from traditional lending institutions. This impedes growth and employment in the hotel sector.

The Irish Diaspora Loan Fund (IDLF) gives people the opportunity to invest in Ireland, while supporting Irish job creation. The IDLF provides lower cost, asset-secured finance to the Irish hotel sector. Loans are provided to suitable Irish hotels on more favourable terms compared with traditional banking institutions, and are secured against the hotel property. Loans are provided on a fixed 5 year term.

In return for lower cost finance, the hotel is required to spend the financial savings on upgrading the hotel asset (building an extension, refurbishing bedrooms, new facilities, etc), and also demonstrate to the IDLF the growth in employment during the 5 year term. This upgrade investment increases the value of the hotel, while also improving the tourism sector and creating new Irish jobs.